Monday, January 21, 2013

Nick Jr's new custom music package by Edd Kalehoff

We have announced on January 16th, Edd Kalehoff will create a new custom music/theme package for the new Nick Jr with 45 show themes, 16 short feature themes, 20 promo themes, 26 ID/bumper themes, 45 sounders, and 30 bedtime themes all for the Nick Jr channel and will be heard on the air starting this Summer 2014 two months before the launch of a brand new programming schedule and will feature the same variety as all music themes by Edd Kalehoff and gives you a variety of tempo and style for every theme on the new Nick Jr, and also, the new NickMom channel will introduce a new seperate custom music/theme package with 6 show themes, 13 promo themes, 17 ID/bumper themes, and 20 sounders that gives you better production music for the new NickMom channel.
That’s our new music packages for the new Nick Jr starting Summer 2014 and the new NickMom channel starting early-September 2014.